Top Beaches to Visit on the Island of Tinos


Despite being a small island, Tinos does see a healthy bustle of visitors, especially during peak tourism season.

Despite being a small island, Tinos does see a healthy bustle of visitors, especially during peak tourism season. Many come here on pilgrimage to visit the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, which means that much of the activity on the island will be concentrated the port and in the area near the church. The island, however, has other charms that make it worth a visit. Resist the urge to leave the island after viewing the church! You won’t want to miss the chance to enjoy the relaxing natural beauty the island has to offer. Nowhere is the island’s beauty more prevalent than at its beaches. Here’s a look at some of the top beaches the Greek island of Tinos has to offer:

Agios Ioannis Porto
If you have a limited amount of time to spend on this island, you should strongly consider making this beach a priority. Located about 7 kilometers from Tinos Town (Chora), which is the main port, it is an easy beach to get to by taxi, bus, or rental car. What sets this beach apart is that not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it is also a beach with plenty of services to enjoy. There are cafes and tavernas near the beach, as well as plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. You can easily spend the whole day here!

Kolympithra Beach
If you want to get away from Tinos Town (Chora) but don’t want to trek too far, consider visiting Kolympithra Bay, which is actually only fifteen kilometers away from the main town. Here, you will find two beaches, both of which are completely worth a visit. Many of the beaches on Tinos tend to be plagued by strong winds. If you want to escape the wind, the beaches here are a good choice. The bay is flanked by hills, which offer protection from the winds. There are a taverna and cafe nearby for refreshment, but the main draw here is that this is a relatively quiet beach that is away from the bustle that tends to collect near the main port.

Agios Sostis Beach
Although this beach doesn’t have as many services as Agios Iaonnis Porto Beach, it is still a worthwhile choice to spend the day at. The sand here is soft, and the water is a gorgeous crystal blue. Although there aren’t facilities located directly on this beach, there are some tavernas that you can get to on foot when you need something to eat or need a break from sitting in the sun. Agios Sostis Beach is only five kilometers from Tinos Town (Chora) and is very easy to reach by car, bus, or tax.

Panormos Beach
Are you looking for a great place on the island to truly get away from it all? If so, then Panormos Beach is the ideal spot for you! This area of the island doesn’t see as many visitors as Tinos Town and the beach alone is worth a visit. This beach is somewhat rocky, which gives it a beautiful appearance. This is one of those places, however, where the wind is strong. Consider taking up windsurfing to make the most of it!

While on the island of Tinos, you should consider visiting at least one of these gorgeous beaches!